My songs

Here I present to you the songs composed, written & performed by me (except the two of those below). Willing to make them understandable for multinational audience, I adapted some of my songs to different languages.

song titlemusic, lyrics & singerplayer
1. Amintiri de dor A. Cotelea
2. Ce minune A. Cotelea
3. Девчонка с берега Прута A. Cotelea
4. Samba de amor A. Cotelea
5. De ziua ta maicuta A. Cotelea
6. I know you love me baby A. Cotelea
7. Сказка для двоих A. Cotelea
8. Unde esti satucule A. Cotelea 
9. La Multi Ani A. Cotelea

song titlemusic, lyrics & singerplayer
1. REVINO IUBIRE compozitor V. Mircos, text - G. Furdui, A. Cotelea
2. REVIENS, MON AMOUR compozitor V. Mircos, text - G. Furdui - adaptare in l. fr - Gh.Chirita, A. Cotelea

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